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Welcome to Endura Stamped Concrete, your stamped concrete sealing and repair specialists for Toronto and the GTA. 

Endura Stamped Concrete DOES NOT install stamped concrete.  Also known as 'impressed' or 'patterned', concrete.  We deal specifically with stamped concrete maintenance in terms of sealing and repairs. 

Endura stamped concrete services homeowners in and around Toronto and the GTA.  We have helped homeowners by restoring the look of their damaged stamped concrete driveways, walkways and patios with our stamped concrete sealing and repair systems. 

Do you have a cracked stamped concrete driveway or a stamped concrete patio with pitting or colour fading?  Your options are no longer limited to the exhorbitant cost of total removal and replacement or 'just living with it'.  We can give you the 'brand new' look back with our highly cost effective sealing and repair systems.  Don't let damaged stamped concrete negatively affect the value of your property, we can help.

In terms of maintenance, the single most important thing for stamped concrete is regular applications of a high quality concrete specific sealer.  The sealers job is two fold.  First, it enhances the color and texture of the slab by giving it the 'wet look'.  The second, and more important, responsibilty of the sealer is to give the concrete protection from the environment. 

All the municipalities around the GTA use salt as a de-icer on the roads.  If you have stamped concrete installed on your driveway or front porch, you are dragging in salt on to your property and the stamped concrete.  Salt is the number one enemy of concrete bar none.  It will, if left unchecked, mercilessly eat away at the surface strength of the concrete until it has weakened it enough to actually penetrate through it. 

Now, stamped concrete is structurally a very durable product.  Just because you don't do regular resealing your stamped concrete driveway or walkway is not going to disintegrate and start falling apart.  Structural issues take years to become serious.  What wil happen, however, is surface damage in the form of pitting, flaking or crazing.  Because you have a coloured, three dimensional surface on a stamped concrete slab, any damage whatsoever to the surface is immediately apparent.  Whether the colour was integral in the truck or dry broadcast on top while finishing, surface deterioration  is, unfortunately, very obvious right away.

Not resealing with a high quality concrete sealer and letting the surface deteriorate to the point of damage requiring repairs, or even total removal and replacement, defeats the purpose of paying the extra cost of stamped concrete over regular concrete in the first place. 

If there is damage to the stamped concrete already, Endura Stamped Concrete has repair systems that are very successful and extremely cost effective.  Crack repairs are easily performed as long as we can determine that it is not a structural issue.  Pitting of the surface, which is holes that show through to the aggregrate undereath the surface,  can be filled in with extremely close colour matching.  And larger areas of damage can be completely overlayed with polymer modified cements that actually exceed the strength rating of the concrete itself.  Colour issues such as colour fading of the entire slab, or, if you just want to change the colour because you're not happy with it, can also be accomplished with tinted sealer in the colour of your choice. 





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